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Hi I'm Bo Mabry. I started this Podcast when I was 12 years old. Now I'm 13. Each week I bring on geniuses (people who are great at something) and I ask them questions until I can understand what they do and what makes them successful. I ask a ton of questions. 

If you have suggestions of people that I should have on my show, I'd love to hear them. Please comment. 




Mar 26, 2019

I loved every second of talking to Sam and Bridger. At first, I was a little scared for this episode. I figured there are a lot of med student podcasts and let alone med students in the world today. So what made these two so special? I found out during the interview, It is not what they do that makes them special, It is who they are. These two are people who recognize the smallest and largest miracles in life such as Birth or Heart Surgery. Bridger was inspired to do this at a very young age Watching his younger brother get glass removed from his back. Sam was inspired because of personal loss. These two are both smart, kind, creative, and special Individuals. These guys taught me that even the most accomplished put in the work when nobody is watching.  People listening at home, I am just glad I got to talk to both of them. PS If you noticed I asked a few questions twice, That is because my battery died halfway through.


Editing done by Brianna Ansaldo 

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