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Hi I'm Bo Mabry. I started this Podcast when I was 12 years old. Now I'm 13. Each week I bring on geniuses (people who are great at something) and I ask them questions until I can understand what they do and what makes them successful. I ask a ton of questions. 

If you have suggestions of people that I should have on my show, I'd love to hear them. Please comment. 




Mar 8, 2018

At first I was kind of nervous to do this interview , because just like Yahosh told me, "racism in America has been kind of a roller coaster". Yahosh was so kind that I was able to ask questions that might seem a little awkward in other situations. But I learned that when people are really friends, honest questions aren't offensive. 

You should follow him on Youtube and Instagram @Yahoshb. 

If you don't happen to be black, have you ever wondered whether to say "Black" or "African American?" I asked. 

Or have you ever wondered if your actions are somehow offensive, even if it's on accident? 

Yahosh shared some personal stories that were not fun to talk about I'm sure. Thank you. 

This episode took a ton of work from a lot of people. 

You'll hear music throughout, most of it sung by Yahosh. You'll also hear: 

The Debra Bonner Unity Gospel Choir- soloist Tierra Custer. 

Rashida Jordan Call- soloist on "Will the Circle Be Unbroken". Yahosh was singing with her on it. 

The Bonner Family is also at the end singing "I need Thee Every Hour"

* we also used "This is How we Do it" by Montel Jordan. Because we figured that any party in the 90's had that song. 

One thing I forgot in the intro to the episode is that Yahosh is a teacher and basketball coach at American Leadership Academy. He has his Masters Degree in Communications. 

Special thanks to my super editor Brianna. Who always treats my podcast with great care... but this one she did even more. If you're wondering who the cool Australian is at the very beginning, it's Brianna. G'day! **Accent is real.