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Hi I'm Bo Mabry. I started this Podcast when I was 12 years old. Now I'm 13. Each week I bring on geniuses (people who are great at something) and I ask them questions until I can understand what they do and what makes them successful. I ask a ton of questions. 

If you have suggestions of people that I should have on my show, I'd love to hear them. Please comment. 




Feb 9, 2017

2008 Remember that year? The Tsunami, Russia Invades Georgia, Obama Inaugurates. Who thinks that was a pain in the rear, Who other than Hugh Vail starts a food storage company. Listen to Bo and his new buddy Hugh Vail talk to us about how food storage works, why we need it, and what it is. 

"Hugh is genius, I think I am smart, this combination works perfectly"- Bo Mabry (Host of Dumb It Down)

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To hear more about Hugh his Twitter and Facebook is (@HughVail)

Another thanks to Christine Chase

"She is the best when it comes to understanding my words, She will get the job done no matter what it takes, I am so glad she is on the team. It is freaky how amazing she is, I am stunned every time she does something"-Bo

another one to Brianna Carpenter 

"I have the same feelings about Brianna that I do about my idol when I was 7, both of them inspired me every day"-Bo